Monday, November 21, 2016

Picture Perfect Edition

Welcome! So glad to see you back for another round with the Stamp Review Crew. We are playing with the beautiful and realistic Picture Perfect stamp set. No coordinating punches or framelits this time, but there will still be plenty of loveliness to go around :) There are so many occasions and reasons to use this set, and there are some truly beautiful sentiments included in the set. Our Southern hemisphere Crew members will actually get to play with stamps that are appropriate for their current season for once, lol!

Picture Perfect is available as a photopolymer set:

Ready, set, inspire!

Blog Roll:
  1. Rochelle Blok
  2. Dawn Tidd
  3. Kelly Kent
  4. Holly Krautkremer
  5. Jessica Williams
  6. Martha Inchley
  7. Holly Stene
  8. Bruno Bertucci
  9. Heidi Baks
  10. Nikki Spencer
  11. Tanya Boser
  12. Mike Funke

Monday, November 7, 2016

Paisley's and Posies Edition

Are you ready to get your Paisley on?! We sure are! Paisleys & Posies is such a gorgeous set, there are bound to be a plethora of projects to be created and shared :) I may be a little biased, as I adore paisley patterns, and have for decades.

This is the Paisleys & Posies stamp set:

And the coordinating Paisley framelit dies:

And the Paisleys and Posies bundle!

Let's go see what everyone has created!

Blog Roll:
  1. Shana Gaff
  2. Holly Krautkremer
  3. Mike Funke
  4. Jessica Williams
  5. Dawn Tidd
  6. Bronwyn Eastley
  7. Bruno Bertucci
  8. Nikki Spencer
  9. Tanya Boser
  10. Valerie Moody

Monday, October 17, 2016

Acorny Thank You Edition

Welcome, and thank you for checking out our blog hop! We are excited to share some lovely ways to use this autumn themed stamp set. Of course, acorns are cute any time of year, and thank you's are always appropriate :) There are several different patterns of the same shapes, and some sweet sentiments for you to use this set for all kinds of occasions!

Here is the Acorny Thank You stamp set:

And the coordinating Acorn Builder punch:

Are you ready to get this show on the road?! We sure are :)

Blog Roll:
  1. Yapha Mason
  2. Dawn Tidd
  3. Tanya Boser
  4. Sue Plote
  5. Shana Gaff
  6. Linda Callahan
  7. Bruno Bertucci
  8. Martha Inchley
  9. Heidi Baks
  10. Holly Krautkremer

Monday, October 3, 2016

Stamp Review Crew: Jar of Haunts Edition

Welcome! It is October, and that means prepping for oodles of Trick-Or-Treaters, so the Jar of Haunts stamp set seemed like a natural choice. But of course we will be showing you some non-Halloween uses for this set too :) I think it has lots of potential!

This is the Jar of Haunts stamps set:

And the coordinating Everyday Jars framelit dies:

Now, are you ready to go see what the Crew has created?!

Blog Roll:
  1. Betty Traciak
  2. Holly Krautkremer
  3. Tanya Boser
  4. Mickey Roberts
  5. Valerie Moody
  6. Linda Callahan
  7. Wendy Weixler

Monday, September 26, 2016

Stamp Review Crew: Host Set Bonus Hop!

The Stamp Review Crew members have been loving these catalogs so much this year, we have been looking for reasons to have bonus hops! How wonderful is that?! This time, we are featuring any and all of the Host sets that are available in the Annual Catalog and the Holiday Mini. Sometimes these little gems are lost in all of the awesomeness, but we want to highlight one of the special perks you get for hosting a party, or just placing a big order all by yourself. Trust me, we demos can relate to placing an order big enough to qualify for free host stuff ;)

These are the host sets that are available for the  2016-17 Annual Catalog and the 2016 Holiday Mini:

Now, let's go see what the crew has stirred up for us!

Blog Roll:
  1. Betty Traciak
  2. Kelly Kent
  3. Rochelle Blok
  4. Tanya Boser
  5. Shana Gaff
  6. Mickey Roberts
  7. Dawn Tidd
  8. Nikki Spencer
  9. Heidi Baks
  10. Holly Stene

Monday, September 19, 2016

Stamp Review Crew: Timeless Textures Edition

It is time for another hop with the Stamp Review Crew, and today we are really challenging ourselves with the Timeless Textures stamp set. I love this set, but is meant to be a set that helps build a background and to add those special details to other stamp sets. I have a feeling we are going to see a bunch of awesome ways to use this set by itself, and with other sets :) I think this set, and Gorgeous Grunge, are sets that you will always find useful!

This set is available in Clear Mount and Wood Mount:

Let's see what the crew has come up with!

Blog Roll:
  1. Valerie Moody
  2. Kelly Kent
  3. Shana Gaff
  4. Charlene Harreveld
  5. Betty Traciak
  6. Bruno Bertucci
  7. Mike Funke
  8. Sue Plote
  9. Holly Stene
  10. Dawn Tidd
  11. Mickey Roberts
  12. Heidi Baks
  13. Tanya Boser
  14. Nikki Spencer

Monday, September 5, 2016

Stamp Review Crew: Foxy Friends Edition

September is here! Are you ready for it? I am not sure I am really ready for summer to end yet, but here it is! This time we are featuring an adorable set with lots of potential, Foxy Friends! It has a coordinating punch also.

Here is the punch:
And it is all available in a bundle:

Would you like to see a whole pile of inspiration for this set? Here you go!

Blog roll:
  1. Betty Traciak
  2. Jessica Williams
  3. Yapha Mason
  4. Martha Inchley
  5. Bruno Bertucci
  6. Linda Callahan
  7. Valerie Moody
  8. Dawn Tidd
  9. Mike Funke
  10. Holly Stene
  11. Rochelle Blok
  12. Sue Plote
  13. Bronwyn Eastley
  14. Heidi Baks
  15. Kelly Kent
  16. Tanya Boser
  17. Nikki Spencer